Andrew Pitt

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Andrew can be e-Mailed at or can be contacted by phone on 01502 723760.

Ordering books

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of Seasons and Reflections directly at a discounted price of £30, or a copy of How to Paint Fresh, Loose Watercolours: Hard-won Lessons from a Lifetime of Painting at a discounted price of £20, please email Andrew at with your address and phone number.

Postage rates have gone up recently, so I'm afraid I have to price shipping separately:

Email Andrew at with your address and phone number. Once you've done that, the easiest way to pay for the book is via PayPal using these direct links, adding on your postage cost:

When sending money through PayPal it asks whether you are sending to a friend of family or paying for an item. Selecting "paying for an item" gives you additional buyer protections. However, PayPal charges a fee. So if you would like to use this service, I'm afraid I have to charge an extra £2 to cover the cost as the margins on the book are so small (So the books would be £32 or £22 plus shipping).