Andrew Pitt

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Andrew can be e-Mailed at or can be contacted by phone on 01502 723760.

Seasons and Reflections

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of Seasons and Reflections directly at a discounted rate of £30, please email Andrew at with your address. This discounted rate includes UK postage, although there may be a small extra charge for international shipping to some countries:

The best way to pay for the book is via PayPal using this special link.

When sending money through PayPal it asks whether you are sending to a friend of family or paying for an item. Selecting "paying for an item" gives you additional buyer protections. However, PayPal charges a fee. So if you would like to use this service, I'm afraid I have to charge an extra £2 to cover the cost as the margins on the book are so small. So you can either select "sending to a friend or to family" for £30, or if you'd like the added protection, select "paying for an item or service" and transfer £32.